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The Hype Around Hideo Kojima

Well this won’t be very popular, but I have to say it. What makes this guy so popular that everyone loses their minds every time he makes a game? For the past couple of years, ever since his departure from Konami, gamers all over the world have been on pins and needles waiting to see what his next game will be. He had a gigantic reception by Sony and was even given a blank check to do whatever he wants. Plus, he was given something that most game developers want most, all the time in the world. But my question is…why? Sure, he is most known for the Metal Gear series, which was critically acclaimed and won numerous awards, but […]

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Xbox E3 2018 Reactions

Microsoft came out swinging with some new games and promises of a better experience for gamers. Of course, one of the high lights for me was the first reveal that Microsoft gave us. Master chief is back in Halo Infinite, however, we don’t know much more then that. We can see that he is on a Halo with lush and robust vistas and animals, but not why or how our protagonists got there. Speculation arose, as most reveals will, that this game could possibly be open world, which would be very welcome in my opinion. We got to see some of the games that we figured were already coming to Xbox like Gears of War and Forza Horizon, but the […]

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EA Press Conference Reaction

This conference was more or less created through emotion and the need to save face from an otherwise horrific year. The conference started out with a pretty cool Augmented Reality teaser of Anthem in which a couple of Javelins take on a giant monster. This made the game feel more and more like a Destiny like creation from the makers […]

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Gamer Super Bowl 2018

I am currently sitting here waiting for the show to start and I just had to know…how are you watching/celebrating? I spent a good portion of this morning making various party foods and making sure that everything was cleaned and put away so that I am not bothered. I have been doing this for the past few years and it […]

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Getting Ready For Gamer Super Bowl

It may have been awhile since last we spoke, but you know I’m not going to miss my chance at writing my thoughts in regards to E3! The date is approaching fast and there will be a lot to discuss in the coming days, so I figured that I could go ahead and write down all of the games I am most excited to see this year. 1. Kingdom Hearts 3 It goes without saying that Kingdom Hearts has been one of my top series for a long…long time. Kingdom Hearts 3 has been teased and whispered in hushed rooms for awhile now and we have only just recently seen actual gameplay footage. Now I don’t think I’m saying anything […]

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Giving Sea of Thieves a Second Chance: Pretty Much No Man’s Sky But With Pirates

I really want to like this game. In theory, it should be something that grabbed me and that would have forced me to bug my friends into submission, but I just can’t get through it. I have been trying to get my friends to check this game out, but I could tell that it was going to take some convincing. How can I expect them to pay $60 for a game that I wasn’t even too sure about? Apparently, I’m pretty good at negotiations and was able to get my friends to try it out. (That and anyone can get a 14 day free trail to Xbox Game Pass, which allows you to play Sea of Thieves for free). Over […]

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Impressions of Sea of Thieves

I heard all of the excitement surrounding Sea of Thieves and I felt as though this would be the game for me. I don’t know why, but I think my favorite aspect of Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag was the sailing. The idea that you can just be out in the water and discover new […]

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The Fear of Losing One’s Memories

what is life without the experiences that you live and learn from? Whether your journey through life is pleasant or traumatic, we rely on our memories to give us drive and clarity. The idea of losing my mind is one of my worst fears. Not spiders. Not poverty. The idea that one day I could wake up and forget everyone […]

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Roller Coaster Tycoon For The Switch…Good Thing or Shady Thing?

Recently, Atari announced that they will be crowd funding their popular Roller Coaster Tycoon series in order to port the game over to the Switch. Personally, I loved the Roller Coaster Tycoon series, and I was actually pretty excited about the prospect of playing these games on the Switch. Immediately nostalgia kicked in and I remembered the hours upon hours that I put into the original during summer breaks when I should have been outside. I spent many late nights trying to figure out why a ride continuously broke down or why my janitor felt it was necessary to cut the grass for the entire park instead of actually taking out the trash and cleaning vomit. While I was sitting […]

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I’m Not Gone…Just Busy

First of all, I would like to just thank all of you that have stuck with me while I work out some of the major changes in my life. Since I started this blog, I have gotten very encouraging words from fellow writers and have participated in some great challenges that have helped me to continue developing as a writer. […]

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Mario: The Most Dangerous Video Game Character…Part 1

As children, we often idolize the people that make a difference. Whether it is a astronaut that has come home to tell their story of different worlds, or a soldier that saved lives in a war torn village, children grow up thinking that there are good guys and bad guys. Right and wrong with no grey area. But, what happens when the people that we grow up to love are not so black and white? We all know the myth and legend behind Nintendo’s most iconic character, Mario, but is he the hero that we all think he is? Or, is he just a troubled soul that seeks violence and murder? I have been playing Mario games my whole life […]