I finally adopted the PC lifestyle back in April of this year and I haven’t looked back. Granted, I still have my Switch, Xbox One X, and PS4, but the vast majority of my weekend and day off gaming has been behind my keyboard and mouse.

I was pretty depressed about having to cancel my much needed vacation back in April, because of…obvious reasons, and I was looking to try and make the best of the time off that I was already approved for. Since my birthday was now going to be pretty uneventful, and I had a good chunk of money burning a whole in my pockets, I decided that I was going to look into getting myself a gaming PC. However, I’m a noob. The noobiest of all noobs when it comes to playing on a PC.

For context, my last computer was a ASUS laptop that I bought in 2014, and the only game that I would play was Star Craft 2.

I spent hours every night researching the best builds and trying to figure out what I could possibly build within my budget. After crunching the numbers, I found myself terrified of the idea of building my own computer. I have no experience in anything pertaining to computers and one mistake could lead to me throwing hundreds of dollars down the drain.

All was lost, until I started researching pre-built computers. It may seem like sacrilege to call myself a PC gamer with a pre-built, but most companies will give you the ability to pick and choose which components you want, so you are basically paying for the shipping, labor, and warranty. Pretty good price to pay for peace of mind.

I ended up buying my PC through Cyberpower with:

i9 9900k

AIO CPU water cooler


16GB of DDR4 RAM at 3000mhz



Microsoft Windows 10

This, along with an ASUS 144hz 1080p 27 inch monitor, razer speakers, mouse and keyboard, all came to $2000 even. If I attempted to build it myself, it would have been roughly $1800, but I would not have had the warranty, and I would have been admitted to the hospital for 17 back to back panic attacks.

It took about 4 weeks for the system to come in, which gave me plenty of time to read and watch various reviews on pre-built systems that made it seem as though I made a very expensive mistake. I was hard pressed to find even one positive video on the good things associated with pre-built systems. I was sick to my stomach as I read more and more testimonials in regards to pre-builts that never made it in, or parts that we defective, or cheap substitutes for expensive parts that were ordered. I had every nerve shot by the time my system came in, and all I wanted to do was bust it open and see what went wrong.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the interent would be filled with trolls. I was ashamed in myself because I broke my golden rule…create your own opinions. I let the negative people of the internet make me worry about something that I had not even laid my eyes on yet.

Even though the parts were pretty good, I still had some upgrades in mind, so before I even turned the system on, I swapped out the ADATA RAM for two 8GB G Skill Trident Z Neo 3600mhz, three CoolerMaster ARGB fans, and I also installed a Samsung 970 evo plus nvme m.2 ssd…I might have a problem…

Not sure why the score was invalid. All I did was update my GeForce and turned off G Sync.

It has been a few months now and I have had zero problems with the hardware or the system as a whole. I guess the moral of the story is…form your own opinions and just try out some new things.

Also covid sucks and will ruin your plans, but you could always turn lemons into lemonade.

As always…thanks for reading!

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