I had been hearing various accounts of this game by many different journalists, as well as notable personalities within the gaming community, and though a video game set in the Marvel universe seems like a slam dunk, many have been pretty vocal about there opposition to it. Admittedly, this bumbed me out and left me wishing that I had never even looked into this game. All of my usual online friends had abandoned this game and I felt as though it would be an up hill battle in order to get them back onboard. However, I need to see a game for myself. I play it in order to form my own opinion.

I am really enjoying what I am playing and I encourage everyone to give it a shot before the open beta is done.

The combat is simple and yet fun. I never felt as though I was dealing with too many mechanics, and combos were really easy to pull off. It was giving me some huge God of War vibes when I started chaining together various aerial and ground combos on my unsuspecting opponents.

The story seems as though it will go to some dark places, which Marvel movies are not strangers of. The common story of a group being torn apart, only to have the gang get back together for a common purpose is as old as time, but with the all start cast and the writing of Marvel, I have hope that they will be able to put together a pretty compelling story.

The glaring issue that everyone has had, and I admit, I am having a hard time getting past it as well, is the Spider-man issue. Sony claiming Spider-man and refusing to let anyone else play with him is a really crappy move. I understand the business of it, but I was starting to have hope that maybe we would move past these types of deals since the backlash of the Call of Duty scandal not too long ago. That being said, I am not going to give up on this game. I am a huge Spider-man fan, and I would love to be able to play more games with him in it, but I don’t think that this will degrade or destroy the story at all. This story is still centered around the main cast, and Spider-man seems as though he will just be playable in the Warzone areas.

I am excited to see what this game has to offer when it comes out in just a few short weeks. I look forward to writing more about my experience in the hopes that not all of the information that is being put out is negative.

As always….Thanks for reading!

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