pokemon sword

Pokémon has always had a special place in my heart. I can vividly remember taking family trips to my grandparents house when I was younger and being so immersed in Pokémon Blue Version, that I wouldn’t even look up until our car stopped. In fact, I recently went back to my home town and was astonished with the landscape around my grandparents old house because I had never even known that they lived at the top of a mountain that overlooked the water at a distance.

I have played almost every Pokémon game that has come out since Blue Version, and I have always had the same playing style. I find a way to get every starter very early in the game, I grind for hours in the starting area, and then demolish every single trainer and gym leader in my path until I become the Pokémon League Champion. It may not seem like fun to most, but I have always loved “one hitting” every Pokémon that I encounter, and I love knowing that my team would take down just about anyone that stand against me.

pokemon sword 2

However, something changed when I got my hands on Pokémon Sword. I had a strong desire to not only build a “one hit” team, but I actually had a need to capture all 400 Pokémon. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to complete the PokeDex before, it’s just that I never felt like it was a fun thing to do. I always saw it as a chore. It has been something that had very little pay out and always felt like it was a ton of work for bragging rights. I could get the same satisfaction out of beating my brother with my unstoppable team, and I wouldn’t have to spend many sleepless nights in order to achieve that satisfaction.

When I took my first steps into the Wild Area, I was completely engrossed in the atmosphere. I spent hours running around and capturing every new Pokémon that I could find. I found it odd that I had registered almost 100 Pokémon before I went to my first gym. I developed a hoarder like mentality and I became driven to fill out every aspect of my PokeDex. I started to look up various articles and began examining different maps of Pokémon habitats in order to make sure that I was capturing every single Pokémon on a given route.

pokemon sword 3

It took me twice as long to beat this game as it would any of the others in the series, and I loved every second of it. Pokémon Sword will easily be one of my favorite Switch games of the year and I look forward to playing even more of it. Since writing this down, I have beaten both the main game and the post game, and I still have this pull to continue becoming better and stronger. I have played a few rounds online and had a couple of humbling experiences that made me rethink my main strategies. I am constantly refreshing my various gaming sights in order to gleam any type of hint as to new raid Pokémon and I will continue to get stronger in order to capture any challenge that Nintendo decides to throw at me.

What are your thoughts on Pokémon Sword and or Shield? Do you think that you have the top team to take me down? I am always up for a challenge so let me know!

As always…Thanks For Reading! 

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