It has been such a long time since I took the time to actually sit down and play a game from my past. I am often so consumed with everything new, and never take the time to just sit back and remember what came before. Our past adventures have been the reason for our current state in life, and sometimes it’s great to realize how different life would have been without them.

I have been in a bit of a gaming slump. This time of the year will do that to you, since there are not that many games being released. So I did what every self respecting gamer has done in this dire time…I returned to some games of yore.

Perhaps “games of yore” is a bit of a stretch…honestly, it’s not as if these games are that old. It’s not like I am breaking out the old SNES and playing Super Mario….

I guess “games of yore” is more like…”games that I put down for awhile and haven’t had a need to go back to”….

“Games of Yore” sounds better…I am sticking with it.

With my busy schedule in consideration, I have had one day a week for some serious gaming. Last week, I had the privilege of finally beating Tales of Vesperia, which was honestly more fun then I expected.

I had been a fan of the “Tales of” series for awhile now and even started writing about my experiences with this port for the Switch. The cartoonish art style mixed with just a simple dash of anime, seemed to check all of my boxes for a delightful world in which to get lost in for 30 plus hours. I won’t go into too much detail…you can read more about my impressions from the article linked above. However, I did find the combat to be a little repetitive in the end and honestly, I just wanted the game to end in the last few hours. I had every intention of finding all of the “Fell Arms” weapons in order to have the very best weapons in the next playthrough, but I just really wanted to beat this game and have a closing to the story.

I am happy to report that I actually did feel good about the ending and was pretty happy with my choice in rushing to the end. It’s never good to overstay ones welcome, and this game got pretty close to me throwing the coat at it and telling it to get out of my %$#@ing house.

Completing Tales of Vesperia took up most of my morning, but not all of it. I am one of those insane people that wake up at 6 in the morning on a weekend…because my job has changed me in ways that I am not sure that I like. However, this does give me plenty of gaming opportunities while my wife is asleep…so silver linings I suppose.

I plugged up my Switch and starting to make some breakfast for my wife. I know, I am kind of the best husband. I even clean the house whenever I have a day off so that she doesn’t have to come home to a dirty house. I am not bragging…just stating a fact that I am better. But, I digress.

Once she woke up and we had some breakfast, she asked me if I wanted to play some Overcooked 2. I sipped on my coffee, cracked my knuckles, and tossed her one of our Pro Controllers.

Now by this point, we had been pretty far along, but not quite at the finish. We are pretty OCD when it comes to this game and constantly strive for three stars before we progress. Sometimes we are just not in sync and have to put the game down for awhile, but this was not one of those moments. We starting to knock out orders left and right. We knew what the other was thinking and how the other was going to react when the new recipes began to pile up. It was a dance that we instinctively knew already, but were not privy to. We were on the last world, just two away from completing the game. We would have looked at each other and asked if we should stop, but our hands and minds wouldn’t give us the satisfaction of second guessing. We pushed on and eventually made our way to the finale which did not disappoint in the slightest. We completed the last level with three starts after the first try.

Trumpets were blaring and on lookers were in awe of our magnificence. The very light that shown from out sweaty foreheads caused everyone to look away for they realized that they were in the presence of pure angelic grace and they themselves were not sure if they were worthy. But how could they even think that? By simply standing on the same ground as us, they too began to realize what potential truly looks like. Hope spread throughout the land and for once…happiness could be seen.

Or…we high fived and I went to the bathroom…I’ll let you decide which reality you want to live in.

Now by this point, anyone would have called it a day. Lets face it…I just completed two games in the span of 6 hours. It was past 12 and the sun was beckoning me to not waste it. However, my job requires me to see too much of the freaking sun…and I was tired…I only had one day this week to have some me time…so %$$# the sun.

I fired up my Switch one last time and started my, lets call it “hundredth” run of Resident Evil 4.

I bought this game the day that it came out with the soul intention of burning through it with the same feverish drive as I did when I first got my hands on it for the Game Cube. Resident Evil 4 still holds up as one of the best Resident Evils in the series in my humble opinion, and the Switch port brought back all of the same feelings that I once had for the original. It had been since the Game Cube that I played this game, so some of the beats of the game took some getting used to. It was like experiencing intense deja vu. I toiled away at the game for hours and hours, stopping only to get something to drink or eat. I was consumed by Leon’s story and I wanted to see how far I could get by recalling my younger self. It took me most of the day, but I actually got further then I expected and decided that it was probably time to attempt to walk away.

I say attempted because honestly…my legs were really hurting from sitting for so long.

This was the first time in a long time that I spent most of the day doing nothing but playing video games. It had been even longer since I played nothing but oldies and classics, but that’s just fine. In a lot of ways, video games can be like a fine wine, getting better with age. We take for granted older games because we are constantly being pulled from one game to the next. We are drawn to the next innovation and the need to play the next popular game is overwhelming. We don’t want to be left out of the conversation, and our world will crumble beneath us if a game is ruined by a spoiler. So, because of our obsession to avoid FOMO, we push note worthy games to the side with the inevitable half heart promise that we will one day return and complete what we have started.

I am proof that sometimes, returning to the past can be just as satisfying as any game in the present.


  1. I think a fair bit of people assume that Resident Evil 4 hasn’t aged well, but I don’t believe that to be the case. It really is one of the best third-person shooters out there, having a great level design and a lot interesting secrets to discover. Also, unlike Western-developed third-person shooters, it has actual boss fights. I never really understood why Western developers always seem to lag behind their Japanese counterparts when it comes to boss fights.

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    • Boss fights are really overlooked. It gives us the chance to hone our skills and put to practice what we have learned. The Resident Evil series has that one element that you really can’t find anywhere else, which is the one room or area before a boss fight where they give you a bunch of ammo and a healing item. It always made me pause and think about whether I should or shouldn’t proceed through the door.

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