With all of the excitment over the annoucment of Pokemon Sword and Shield, I was hoping that the Pokémon company would learn from the past and attempt to make the Pokémon series even better. Hard to believe that this is even possible, but nothing is perfect and everything can be improved.

I don’t think that I am the only one that has come up with this list, but perhaps my conspiracy theroies will peak your interest…

  1. Pokémon In The Overworld

Having Pokemon appear in the overworld was probably one of the coolest things that Pokemon Let’s Go had to offer. It made the world feel more lived in when you venture out on your new journey and seeing all of the various Pokemon running around brought me back to the first time I watched the anime. It was like you were the alien in this world and the Pokemon are just going through their day to day routine.

I know that during the announcement trailer, we saw a trainer stalking around the grass, only to start a random encounter. My question is this…why would she be stalking towards nothing in 2019? Clearly we have the technology to put Pokemon in the overworld and it was regarded as something that should live on in the future titles by different gaming news outlets, so why wouldnt they continue this? This is one of my first conspiracy theories.

Perhaps in this scene, the trainer was suppose to be approaching a new never before seen Pokemon and they were not ready to show it yet. Plus, all of this has caused a ton of conversation around the new games, and therefore, drummed up a ton of free publicity.

I want to believe that they will continue to have Pokemon run among us. I just feel like it would be a step in the wrong direction if they don’t.

2. A More Compelling Story

The Pokemon series is not really known for their groundbreaking storylines that tug at the heart strings of the world. They will all pretty much follow the same set of story beats.

  • You a child in an adult world
  • You want to be the very best, like no one ever was.
  • You obtain your first Pokemon by either talking to the town Pokemon Professor, or you happen upon one in the wild.
  • You have a rival who will battle you periodically throughout the game.
  • You will fight countless trainers and Pokemon in your pursuit to obtain all Gym badges, or some type of variant.
  • You will fight the elite four, or some type of variant.
  • Roll credits.

Though there is some type of antagonist in each game, the story never really has enough for me to invest more in it rather then just simply catching Pokemon. It comes as no surprise that I am a sucker for a good story. I need to feel a reason or sense of purpose in a game in order to put in the hours. Pokemon has always had just enough of a story to keep me going, but I would like to see something that steers the series in a different direction.

Maybe the game has a more gritty feel and a more real to life story since it seems to be set in a reimagining of industrial United Kingdom. Since the titles of the games are Sword and Shield, maybe there will be a war between two opposing kingdoms and the kings are seeking Pokemon trainers to fight for each side….maybe not. It will more than likely be more of the same, but one could hope in a huge Game of Thrones like battle sequence with Pokemon.

3. Pokemon Having The Ability To Change The World Around Them

In the trailer for the starters, we see each of them having a distinct impact on a patch of grass in front of a water fountain. Though this may have been just a way to show each of the elemental types, I had a conspiracy theory that it could mean just a little bit more.

What if this moment showed off a new system at play. Instead of leaning the HM abilities like Cut and Fly, what if each Pokemon has an ability that can change the landscape around them. So if you see an area that is full of tall brush, naturally you would assume that you either have to find another way around, or use Cut. But, what if you could just have a fire type Pokemon burn the area down? Seems like common sense. I know the gameboy and DS had their limits, but this is the first Pokemon game on a tougher system. Why not implement dynamic changes to the landscape. I’m not a game developer so I can be ignorant.

Side note:

Why do I need to learn Flash to go into a dark cave? They have the technology to capture God like creatures in little balls, but no one can figure out the eternal magic that is a flash light? Hell, Charmanders tail is always on fire, so that’s kind of like a torch.

Going back to my Game of Thrones like storyline….

What if you had the choice to actually save villages, or destroy them with your Pokemon depending on which side you are fighting for? You could save a burning village by using water types and regrow the landscape using grass types. It would place more of meaning that the Pokemon have on the world and how they are actually able to change it. Each of the legendaries have had a hand in shaping the world and the universe, so why not have a simple bulbasaur create various vegetables for impoverished farmers?

So that’s my wish list for the new Pokemon games. What are your hopes and dreams for the new installments?

As always…thanks for reading!


  1. Mostly, I’m just hoping the bank is compatible with this new generation (or has that already been confirmed?). Otherwise, I am very much looking forward to Gen VIII. I’ll be interested to see what it throws at me. And I have to comment that Gen V had a good storyline; it’s a large reason why it’s my favorite generation so far (though I haven’t finished Sun yet).

    Liked by 1 person

    • I guess my point was that they are not the memorable. Honestly, I had to remind myself that Gen 5 was Black and White because it had been so long since I had even thought of that series. No one games storyline grabs me in a way that is memorable other than how ridiculous Sun is. I don’t want to spoil it, but it goes places towards the end. Beat it and then come back and tell me what you think Haha.

      As far as the bank, man I hope it all works. Isn’t that still a per month subscription service? If that’s not compatible then that will be the major scandal.


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