Because games continue to get pushed towards the end of the year, I felt like I needed to give this some time.

This has been a pretty great year when it comes to gaming. A ton of publishers have let their talents shine and some of the greatest games in a life time were made this year. This list are some of the games that made an impact on me this year, and though I wish I could write about all of the great ones, time is a factor and I would like to get some rest.

Here are my top 10!

10. Monster Hunter World

This was the first game in the series that I actually played. Though the game play had a ton of machanics to learn, I still found the journey pretty enjoyable. It was a friend of mine that convinced me to start playing. He and his wife had been playing since day one, and though we had some catching up to do, the game was built in a way that allowed for people of greater skill to help out us lonely novices. This led to some pretty great saturday mornings where me and my wife would have futuristic double dates. Killing monsters instead of having awkward conversations…yeah I’m down.

9. South Park: The Fractured But Whole

I have been a fan of the TV show since it first came out. My parents raised my brother and I with the understanding that the world isn’t censored, so why try and hide us from it? Of course there were limits, but we were allowed to watch scary movies and R rated media, and this actually gave me a better understand of what I like and dislike. I never felt like things were out of reach, however, I knew what I liked and disliked.

South Park as a game has been one of the best RPGs I have ever played. I played The Stick of Truth about 5 times and it never felt old. The Fractured But Whole isn’t as great in my opinion, but it still feels like a great South Park game and makes me hope for a new one very soon.

8. Ys VIII: The Lacromosa of Dana

This was the first Ys game I ever played, and it really makes me wish that I had had this when I was growing up. Ys VIII has a fantastic story and some really fun gameplay that I didnt expect to like. I found out about Ys from a podcast and it was one of my first impulse buys of the year. Sometimes, those things kinda pay off. Here is my review if you are interested in learning more.

7. Assassins Creed Odyssey

I wish that I had played more of this game before writing this, but I have been on a major Red Dead kick lately and I am just about to beat it. What makes this game special, however, is the fact that I have been thinking about this game almost every day since putting it down.

I love sailing around Greece and interacting with the world and it’s inhabitants. I have heard a lot of negative feedback when it comes to some of the story beats and the voice acting, but I have honestly just had fun playing a really easy and fun video game.

6. Super Smash Bros Ultimate

This is by far the best Smash that I have played in a long time. Not since Melee have I put in so much time by myself, not only to get better at the game, but also to have fun. The story mode is way more engaging then other fighting games and it gives me a reason to pick it up for a few minutes every night. It’s a game that’s all about having fun, and I’m down for that.

5. Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu

I didnt think that I would like this game as much as I do. The thought that they were trying to mold Pokemon Go with the rest or the series made me physically ill. I like Pokemon Go, and I have been playing it since the day it launched, but it feels like that game belongs on a phone.

I had no desire to ever purchase this game until my brother bought it and never stopped singing it’s praises. He told me that it is just like Yellow version except with amazing graphics and actual cut scenes. I gave it a shot because of my love for Pokemon…and a little FOMO.

This game surprised me. I loved the graphics, the cut scenes, and the pokemon being in the over world. I had way more fun with this game then I expected and though I still don’t like the catching machanic, it grew on me and I found that I didn’t hate it.

4. Red Dead Redemption 2

I put my controller down Sunday night after suffering a major migraine and realizing that I had not eaten or drank anything all day. I had spent the majority of my Saturday, and the entirety of Sunday attempting to beat this game once I entered chapter 6. I was a captive of the story telling and couldn’t rest until I discovered the final sentence of the dialogue.

I spent days just enjoying the world and being at awe of the technical marvel that rockstar was able to put together. Whenever I felt like I was starting to get burnt out, I would just play a mission and immediately be right back in.

I felt a connection to everyone in my gang. I felt bad when I missed a step and caused my horse to fall. I would hold my breath when stalking an animal. I was truly distraught when my horse died and I contemplated never playing this game ever again. Something that can make me feel that much truly deserves credit.

3. Overcooked 2

This may seem kinda weird, this game being higher then Red Dead, but it is true. I picked this game because of the impact that it had on me and my friends. I picked this game up as something for me and my wife to play and it molded into something of a phenomenon in my friend cirlce. Soon after buying this game and showing it off at a party, my brother and a couple of my friends that have Switches started playing and we developed special events where we would meet up and play this game. We would get phone calls on Saturday nights where our friends would beg us to play with them so that they could beat a level or two. It’s such a great game to just pick up and play and nothing since has had such an impact.

2. God of War

This game is so much more then just a typical God of War. They could have just as easily made the same old God of War that we come to expect, and probably make a good bit of money in the process, but they instead chose to make something that has an everlasting hold.

There isn’t much that you probably don’t already know about this game. It has won countless awards and has had some amazing praises from various gaming outlets, and it is absolutely worthy of it.

There isn’t much that I can add to the long list, other then the fact that it resonated with me in a way that I never expected a God of War to do. It made me think about the relationships in my life and how I might be as a father. It became less of a story about a god and his son attempting to spread the ashes of his wife and his sons mother, and more of an allegory for an all too real situation of a parental figure having to figure out how to carry on when another member of the family is gone. Perhaps you lost your wife and a simple task of getting everyone through the day by yourself is your metaphorical mountain.

1. Spider-Man

This had to be my top game of the year. It had to be because of my level of excitement from the moment I started playing, to the moment the credits started to roll.

I have been a fan of Spider-man ever since I bought my first comic back in 1995. I was just a kid then, but Spider-Man was was the first superhero that I wanted to be. I bought countless comics, seen all of the movies, watched the TV shows, and played all of the games. To say that I am a fan is kind of an understatement.

This game is a fan service game that we always wanted. It tells a unique story, but stays true to fans of the original comic and you feel line Insomniac too great strides in making sure that fans of the series would not be disappointed. The story made me feel in ways that I wasn’t prepared for and it truly felt like it took the role of a classic comic arch.

I want to spoil the story in order to really dive into why I love this game. I won’t do that to you because I want you to play the game. Send me a message and we will talk if you want. I love talking about this game!

Here is a little bit of what I wrote if you are interested.

So that it. 2018 is in the books and a fantastic year of gaming still lives on. This has been a great year for some great games and I can’t wait to play some even greater ones this year.

What are your top 10? Do you have a favorite that I didn’t mention? Let me know!

As always…thanks for reading!

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