Though this is a video game blog, I feel like its necessary that I share something really special that happened today…

A while back I wrote about various charities and what they are all about. At the end of the post I made reference to an organization that I am currently part of. This organization is all about veterans helping veterans in need, however once a year we get together and try to give to back to our community. Around Christmas, we strap 35lbs ruck sacks to our backs, full of toys and much needed cheer for children at a local children’s hospital.

The day before, we got together in a members garage and started sorting all of the wonderful donations. There was a sense of purpose that we all felt as we made sure every toy was counted and every note saved. We loaded our boxes, packaged everything up, ate some great food, and spent time with some good people.

The next morning, with roughly 5 hours of sleep and a regret to have one more drink in my mind, I was up and driving to our starting point at a local high school. As we arrived, the morning decided it wanted to give us one last challenge. Freezing mist was everywhere and, as we all know, water and electronics do not mix. We stood in the middle of it for awhile, waiting for it to die off and just remembering why we were there. The great thing is that the rain wouldn’t kill our spirits. We all stood there and laughed it off. Though there was some doubt in our minds, we started to see more and more people starting to arrive, and with like minded and dedicated people, comes the inspiration to say f#$% it.

We all began setting up the equipment and putting out the promotional materials. As people were getting checked in and looking over the 5th Squad merchandise, I was busy dangling off of my friends truck while mounting speakers to his roof. A few tow straps and some basic knowledge of how to strap things to roofs later, I was able to walk away to the feeling of accomplishment and dread knowing that all he was going to play was Christmas music and Country music all day long.

We all hoped that the rain would let up after the safety briefing, even more, we hoped it would warm up once we got everyone in position and started walking, but the cold would just have to be our friend.

All 80 of us started our five mile ruck and it was a blast. Everyone was joking, laughing, and in high spirits even when we had to start pushing it harder and harder to make up for lost time.

We pushed it and made it to the children’s hospital after rucking for an hour and a half…personal best by the way….and we were able to give out some awesome gifts to children who just wanted to feel happy every once in awhile while spending their Christmases in a hospital. Each kid was cooler then the last and each one had their own story to tell. We spent some time getting to know them and we gave them some toys that they could play with before Christmas. I’m not going to lie, even with all of the jacked up stuff that has been going on with my life. Between the crazy hours and stress of life, being able to help out others and get a good workout in really made me realize how stupid my “problems” are.

You maybe wondering…I thought this is a gaming blog…why are you talking about charity?

Well we donated a new Playstation 4, Xbox One S, four games for each system, and four controllers for each system….so….boom?

Look…we all know that giving is an important aspect of life. We hear the same speeches and watch the same programs where the message is “giving is always better then receiving.” And I’m here to say that sometimes…they may not be true. Have you ever been given something during a holiday, and then immediately give it to someone else? If you are this fictional super person and have done that, did it really make you feel better then you did when you first had it?

I’m not a saint. Lord knows I can be more selfish then the next person, but I think that the real reason why we should donate our time and money is because we are selfish by nature. It feels good when we give. You get something out of it when you give to someone else. You get to make someone happy and bring some joy to someone that is suffering. I’m not sure what it is like to take LSD or Shrooms, but I have to imagine that there is no better feeling then the feeling you get when you worked hard to make someone smile.

Hard turn…I get that. Just being honest.

This post was written while I sat in my car after the ruck. It took some time for me to post it because I wanted to wait for some of the pictures to come in…and of course make sure I look good in them.

If you want to hear more about 5th Squad and the various events that we put on for veterans and our community, you can look us up at and if you like what we do, how about buying a T-shirt or two and donate to the cause.

As always….thanks for reading!


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