It has been quite some time since my last post. Honestly, life has been a bit of a roller coaster this month and finding time to actually sit down and write has been a bit of a challenge. I would like to think that I have a handle on this whole adult thing, but we are all just flying by the seat of our pants.

I had a wedding anniversary at the beginning of the month, which due to poor planning caused us to abandon our first five ideas and eventually land on a beach vacation for a few days. It ended up being a pretty great trip and I was able to try out the new Halo arcade game.

Aside from the various family obligations that usually coincides with November and the holidays, I’ve also had to work more hours at work in order to subset the amount of people that decided trying to find a new job during the holidays is a great idea. It’s good money, but the hours have caused me to give up some other joys in my life. I’m still working out, running, and playing games. Pretty sure I would have started a riot by now if I couldn’t even do that, but writing has had to take a back seat.

However, I found some good ole fashion F@#$ it in my system and have decided to make an effort to write more and get back out there. All great things are derived from commitment and struggle, and if I want to be a better writer, I better stop making excuses and just get ready to be tired.

So…on with my original post…what drove me to stop playing Red Dead Redemption 2.

The Friday that Red Dead came out was probably the longest work day I had experienced in a long time. All I could do as I paced around my area was think about how much fun RD2 was going to be. I purposefully made sure that I did not read too many articles or listened to too many podcasts that had mentions of the game because I really wanted to experience everything through a judgement free lense.

When the clock struck 5 and my body had sufficiently aged by 17 years, I was in my car and gone before anyone could even wish me a good weekend. My wife told me that she was going to pick it up for me since she got off early (one of the many reasons why I married her) and she also told me that she would go ahead and start the downloading and updating process so that I could just get dressed, eat something, and then start playing.

And play that game I did.

I played all through the weekend and every other chance I had after that. I was overwhelmed and enthralled by the characters and the world they inhabited. I would spend hours just hunting, fishing, and performing random tasks that had nothing to do with the actual story. I smelled funny, was malnourished, and loved every second of my time with Red Dead.

So…what could pull me away from such a great time?

Back in grade school, summer meant everything to me. I know I’m not breaking ground here when I say that I loved summer vacation, but this was a time where I developed a ton of skills in the way of gaming.

I could never sleep in when I was younger. Most days I was up around 6 in the morning and would have to occupy a lot of my time with video games before my friends were awake and started moving.

I developed a routine that evolved into a tradition. At the beginning and end of summer vacation, I would play through Spyro. It was something mindless and entertaining to do with my time after waking up and after the school year caused me to never want to learn anything ever again. It was a great palette cleanser.

So when I saw that the remastered version of Spyro was coming just a week or two after Red Dead Redemption, I had to put Authur aside and relive the adventures of Spyro just one more time.

The Reignited Trilogy is something truly spectacular. From the moment I started up the game, to the moment I watched the credits, I never stopped smiling.

Everything in the game is just as I remembered it, but the graphics became something that I never knew I was missing. The earlier version of it was pretty great in my young mind, but I also never played the game for the look of it. I played it because it was a fun and wacky adventure that I could sink hours into simply collecting gems and dragons. That’s not to say that this new version isn’t just as fun, but now it’s even more beautiful to just look at.

It took me a second to move forward when I first started playing. I remeber just being star struck, as if I was reliving the first time I played the game, and I just wanted to stay in that moment a little while longer.

It didnt take me long before I started 100%ing each level and uncovering each hidden secret. All of the hours spent in front of my TV as the sun started to rise, was finally paying off.

The Spyro Reignited Trilogy is a blast from the past and each moment that I played was better then the last. Even when i had to relive some of the more frustrating puzzles, I still found joy in the journey.

I am ashamed to say that I still have not beaten Red Dead Redemption 2. I’m treating that game like a fine wine. Enjoying it slowly and taking my time with the finer machanics of it. Where as Spyro is more like chocolate milk. Its classic, youthful, and enjoyable. No added frills. No giant gimmicks. Just good ole fashion fun to be enjoyed on a saturday morning, in your pajamas, as the sun starts to rise.

I hope you enjoyed my little walk down memory lane and some of the reasons why I have been absent. I’m trying to get my schedule back to a manageable state and will be pushing out new content as soon as possible. The community has had plenty of interesting posts that I wanted to contribute to, but unfortunately just haven’t found the time to do it. Excuses aside, I will be better and hopefully you will enjoy some of the articles coming your way.

As always…thanks for reading!

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