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A recent submission by Chris over at Over Thinking Y had me thinking about some video games that can put us in the Halloween spirit. Go and check out his submission to the Question of the Month (created by the talented Kim at Later Levels). Megan over at A Geeky Gal posses a question for anyone to answer. These types of events are pretty fun to get involved in and they really get the creative juices flowing. Thank you to Chris, Kim, and Megan for giving me a reason to write!

When October comes around, I usually stick with the basics:

I thank God that it is no longer hot outside.

I start running outside a lot more.

I begin to lose sleep over the amount of money that I will spend on video games.

And I start looking for video games and or movies that will get me into the Halloween spirit.

However, this year is a little more special than the previous. You see, I bought my first house at the beginning of this year, and I now have the honor of hosting my first Halloween trick or treating event! I didn’t think that I would actually get this excited over this, and now I need to get into the spirit that much more!

Though movies might be the go to staple for getting people involved in the Halloween festivities, nothing works on me more than a good horror game, and nothing has caused more sleepless nights for me then Resident Evil.

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I don’t think that I am alone when I say that Resident Evil is a great horror game. Though this may seem like a cop-out, this is actually one of the only horror games that I still have not had the stomach to beat. In a way, it’s kind of like my White Whale.

The first time that I remember actually playing Resident Evil was on the GameCube and it was actually around Halloween. I was 12 at the time and really didn’t play many horror games. Heck…I didn’t even watch many horror movies. I still get crap from my friends when I tell them that I have never seen Nightmare on Elm Street or Friday The 13th. It’s not that my parents wouldn’t let me or my brother watch them, we were never sheltered from media, it was just the fact that I was never that interested in loosing sleep and being scared.

However, video games and peer pressure are a great combination to get me involved in the Halloween spirit.

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It was the Saturday before Halloween, 2012 when my brother and I had a few friends over. I had saved up some of my allowance money and bought Resident Evil for the GameCube. A ton of my friends had been talking about it at school and I really wanted to be part of the conversation. They told me that they were having to play it in small bursts because it was messing with them. Every once in a while, I have momentary Amnesia and I forget that I actually don’t like horror. It’s kinda like Candy Corn. No one really likes it, but every year we forget that fact, eat some, and immediately hate ourselves.

All of us were in my room and we attempted to make it through the game in one sitting. Now none of us had actually played the game before, and this was also at a time when we couldn’t just look up the answers online. I sat on the edge of my bed, controller in hand, acting as if this was going to be way to easy. My brother and his friends were all making their jokes and patiently waiting for me to hand over the controller and leave the room. I was determined to see what all of the fuss was about and prove that I could beat this game.

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I finally got an idea of what this game had in store when I met my first zombie. The iconic scene of the zombie eating the man on the floor and slowly looking back at you, caused everyone in the room to stop their mockery. As the scene ended that game play began, everyone started shouting at me to kill it. I did the sensible thing and moved my character out of the room. What do you want from me!? I still didn’t understand the controls and I wasn’t going to attempt a fight with a monster if I didn’t know how to defend myself.

We spent hours just walking around the mansion and dying left and right. Every corner was a moment of panic as we sat there and wondered if there would be another zombie waiting to take us out of the game. The furthest that we got was the room where we have to fight a giant snake. By about this time, I did not have any healing items, little to no ammo, and had just given up all hope of beating this game before 2 in the morning. I was a little bummed, but I loved the fact that I wasn’t the only one that was freaked out the entire time.

I still never beat Resident Evil, but my brother and I would play that game for next few weekends in an attempt to get to the final boss. Eventually, other games came into my view and Resident Evil just fell by the waste side. I will always have the need to beat Resident Evil, but I don’t think that beating it would give me anything more than what I already have. It’s a great game, and I have played and beaten most of the other entries into the series, but Resident Evil may just have a permanent place on my shelf of never beaten video games.

So that is a game that will always put me in the Halloween spirit. Thanks again to Chris for giving me a good article to read, Kim for creating the event, and Megan for the question. What are your favorite Halloween games? Is their a horror game that you just can’t bring yourself to beat?

As always…Thanks for reading!


  1. The first Resident Evil had those things that would run at you that you’d blast with (2) Acid Rounds. Those damn things always scared the hell out of me, the gamecube versions definitely looked more playable than those pixelated PS1 games.

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