As reported by Takashi Mochizuki of The Wall Street Journal Japan, Nintendo is currently planning on releasing a new version of the Nintedo Switch by as early as Summer 2019. The reason for the sudden console upgrade comes down to money…and how much they love it. Sources from Nintendo told Mochizuki that they want to continue to see their revenue from consoles to stay where they are at, and therefore release another console for millions of us to buy.

So far, not a whole lot is being push out other then the basics. They want to have upgraded hardware and software, as well as an upgrade display from the original “low-end” LCD screen.

Personally, this pisses me off.

It is way too early to have a update for this console. A little over a year ago I bought my Switch with the understanding that this would be Nintendos new console for this generation. It cost me $300, but I saw it as an investment for years to come.

What this is is just shady business, with the ultimate goal of taking as much money from the consumers as fast as possible. I’m not naive to the ideals around business and how to make money. Nintendo has share holders just like every other company, but they will loose more in good will with their fans if they expect more out of us.

Now I have a decent job, and this affords me room in my budget for play money, but imagine the child who just got a Switch for his or her birthday, and now they have to go to their mother or father and tell them that they need the next $300 system just a year later. That child will be out of luck until he can get a job and buy it himself.

Nintendo saw just a huge spike in their revenue because the Switch was innovative, new, and was relatively inexpensive compared to Sony or Microsoft. However, if we are to believe that they will just make another system every year or so, there numbers will plummet. Last time they had such a disastrous console launch was during the WiiU era, and that causes rumors of Nintendo shutting down all future console productions.

They are shooting for the moon on this one. Probably in an attempt to reclaime some of the lost revenue on the WiiU, but I feel like they will more then likely shoot themselves in the foot on this one.

What are your thoughts on the announcement of a new Nintendo Switch? Will you buy a new one or will you use your current one for the foreseeable future?

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