This post should be pretty short depending on whether I can speak my peace in a coherent fashion or ramble for awhile about my likes and dislikes…of which there are many.

Like many choices in my life, I like to weigh the pros and cons. This can help me gain perspective as too which choice can grant me the better outcome, or if either choice will lead me down a particular river with no means of traversal…(up shit creek without a paddle).

Even though the service has been out for only a day, I still feel confident that I can have a genuine opinion, and that’s not a good thing. Here is my break down…


  • Obviously, the fact that you have access to NES titles is pretty cool. A lot of the games that are offered are games that I never had the chance to play and taking these classics for a spin does sound pretty cool.
  • One of the special offers that are given to members is access to special collectables like modified NES controllers for the Switch. I’m not going to lie…these look pretty freaking cool and I kinda want them.
  • Being able to play online with my friends and family is obviously a plus, especially because I want to continue playing Overcooked 2.
  • Cloud storage is a major safe guard that is given to members. Now I can save my data to the cloud in the event that my Switch is damaged or stolen.
  • The cost is pretty low if you think about the cost for Playstation plus or Xbox live.


  • The fact that we now have to pay to play online, even though we have been playing for free for the past year. I understand that they were up front about this, but it still doesn’t feel great that they take this away from us. The only game that I have played online recently was Overcooked 2 and I’m not sure if I could justify paying the money for the online service if that was the only thing that I was getting. $20 is not a lot of money for a year subscription, but I’m not just going to give someone some money for nothing. Before Overcooked 2, the last game I played online was Splatoon 2, and that was a long time ago.
  • They will not allow you to keep your data backed up if your subscription lapse. They claim that this is due to keeping the servers running smoothly and always ready for space, but my thing is that they are pretty crappy for getting rid of it the moment your service is up. I feel like there should be some type of grace period. Maybe hold on to my data for at least a week, or in case I don’t have my subscription set up on auto renewal and I forget to make my payment for the year. I know that I can just re-download all of my data again, but it just seems unnecessary.
  • Not all of the games will be able to back up to the cloud. They claim that this is for anti-cheating purposes, which is all well and good, but it seems like they could have tried just a little harder in the coding as a preventative measure against cheating. Maybe fix Pokemon so that the game automatically saves your data to the cloud every time you trade a pokemon in order to combat duplicate pokemon. I’m not a game designer, and maybe I’m asking too much, but it seems like an easy fix.

Though I have my issues with it, I’m at least going to try it out, if only for a little while in order to see if it gets better over time. The $20 doesn’t effect me and I can still see some added benefit to having the service for now. I just hope that they build upon this system and make it just a little better.

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