Last week I shared my first saga with Octopath Traveler and my impressions on how the game feels to me.

If you want, check it out here.

Work has been a slog, and working long hours has made it difficult to actually put in some quality video game time. My routine has been something to the tune of mass confusion and panic, with just a hint of getting things done. If I can work out for an hour a day, I’m doing pretty good.

That being said, I can say that I have gotten to a place in Octopath where I don’t have to invest a whole lot of time to get some enjoyment out of it.

Steady Grind

As of right now, I have completed everyone’s first chapter and I have a better understand as to how this game is going to shape up. I have just about given up on any amazing story quests that involves some deep narrative between all the characters, and I’m just trying to enjoy it for what it is.

However, I have hit a spot in the game where most of my characters are just not ready for the next leg of the race, and I am required to do some extra training to get them there. My main dude, the warrior, is at the high 20s, as well as my mage, but the ones that I have recently acquired are only around the mid to low teens.

Normally, this is where the game meets that familiar place in my mind where I truly have to weigh the cost and benefits of continuing to play. No matter how fun a game is, if you are required to do some of the same battles over and over and over and over, it could cause you take another look at the game, and see if it is actually fun.

Luckily, there are some cool areas to explore and some interesting bosses to fight throughout the world.

I found myself fast traveling to an area where the monsters should be a high enough level to grind, and while exploring, I stumbled upon a random cave off to the side where enemies were tougher, but the rewards were greater.

Working all day to feed my gaming addiction (plus pay bills and keep a roof over my head) doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy an hour or two of video games. When my wife is watching something that I couldn’t care less about, I can still sit next to her, plug in my headphones, and grind some levels. Hopefully I will be able to knock out some of these other chapters soon. Last night I played through Primrose and Cyrus’s second chapter, and now I’m on my way to Ophelia’s next adventure. Hopefully the next 10 hours won’t be as much of a grind, but it has turned into a pretty laid back game.

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