Young adults watching football

I am currently sitting here waiting for the show to start and I just had to know…how are you watching/celebrating?

I spent a good portion of this morning making various party foods and making sure that everything was cleaned and put away so that I am not bothered. I have been doing this for the past few years and it has turned into some what of a tradition. I am not to big into watching sports, so this is like my championship event.

Let me know how you are watching this years E3. Do you even watch it or do you wait for all the news to drop?

Pretty short post for now…just felt like asking!


  1. I usually only watch the ones that either have something I’m interested in or about gaming platforms I own. Living in the UK makes watching some of the showcase difficult, like Bethesda’s showcase which will start at 2am on Monday, so I will watch the showcases but not live.

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    • Oh man…that makes sense. I used to live in California, where E3 takes place, so it’s become a tradition ever since I was a kid.

      So Bethesda is the one you usually go for? What about watching the other conferences on YouTube or something? I know that if I have to work on the weekend one year, then I will treat it like a major sporting event. I won’t look at my phone or talk about it with my friends until I can come home and watch the show.

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      • I tend to watch most of them but I do go out of my way to watch Bethesda, Sony and Ubisoft as they tend to have the games that I play. The one conference that I tend not to watch is Microsoft, as I don’t own an Xbox One and the games they show aren’t usually ones I’m interested in.
        Like you, if I can’t watch the show live, I’ll avoid certain areas of the Internet until I catch up. Also, I love the fact you treat it like a sporting event! 🙂

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