When I first played Xenoblade for the 3ds, I was not sure what to expect. I had read a couple of reviews and watched some videos in order to try and figure out what was going on. Most of it confused me, but I could kinda see where they were going with it. So with a job that offered me some down time, and some extra money burning a whole in my pocket, I decided to pick it up and give it a shot. 

Hands down one of the better surprise games that I had ever played. I loved the combat, the art direction, the cast of characters, and the story. Pretty rare to find a game that can actually give you everything. 

Now with the release of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, I felt like it had a lot to live up to…and it has not disappointed. 

I bought the game when I got off of work on Friday, and though I had a few family events to take care of this weekend, I knew that I wanted to put in the time and give this game a fare chance to impress. So far, it has impressed. 

  • The story is sucking me in and making me want more. 

  • The combat is the auto-atrack style (similar to most MMOs) but it adds an element of rhythm much like a waltz or tango. The timing of using your different blade arts can sway the combat and make your character look as if all the attacks are molded into one fluid motion. 
  • The characters are engaging and makes me want to know more. 
  • The settings are gorgeous and really tests the power of the Switch. 
  • The diologe could be a bit better in my opinion. Often the jokes fall kinda short and you can see that they draw a ton of influence from modern anime. This is not a bad thing necessarily, but I haven’t felt like it is helping the story or making the jokes land. That’s not to say that there are not funny aspects at times or moving moments. I have had some moments of “wow”. 

So far I am pretty impressed with Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and it will be on my mind as I try to get through the work week. 

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