It has been a while since i have posted anything on my site. I have been working like crazy and trying to finish all of my wedding preparations. I love games and I love writing, but sometimes situations cause me to no longer have a choice in regards to what I am aloud to do with my time and unfortunately I do have to do adult stuff. 

That being said, I did have few opportunities to play some pretty fun games and now that I have some time to kill, I’m going to post my reviews for said games starting with Uncharted: Lost Legacy. 

Developer: Naughty Dog

Platform: PlayStation 4

Release date: August 22, 2017

I have been a huge fan of the Uncharted series since the beginning. The mesmerising vistas, the witty banter, and (even sometimes) the run and gun gameplay, have brought me back again and again. To be honest, I’m not too sure how many times I have actually beaten the series. I often loose count and realize I have a problem once I get physically ill after reliving the same sequences over and over. That being said, they are still fantastic games. To me, it’s akin to re-watching Star Wars a couple of times every year. Sure you know exactly how every scene will play out, but you still enjoy every second of it and find yourself having the addiction of more. 


Uncharted: Lost Legacy was originally intended to be a DLC story tacted onto Uncharted 4 and eventually became it’s own stand alone game. It follows the story of Chloe (first appeared in Uncharted 2: Among Theives and would have her own presence in all games to follow) and Nadine (one of the main antagonists from Uncharted 4) as they travel to India in search of the mythical Tusk of Ganesh.

I wasn’t too sure how an Uncharted game could survive without Nathan Drake. He has been the star and focal point of all the Uncharted games. His witty attitude, the death defining undertakings, and overall revelations of his past is what drew me into each adventure. Though Chloe has been fleshed out little by little with each encounter, I felt as though Naughty Dog despretly wanted to put the finishing touches on Nathan Drake, but also wanted the Uncharted story to continue. A leap I thought to be impossible, until I played this game. 

You play the game through Chloe’s perspective while Nadine is more or less your mussel. Chloe highers Nadine to follower her on this journey because of her combat expertise and she isn’t shy about letting her know. Often throughout the game, Chloe feels the need to remind her that this is her mission and she is just along for the ride. 

As harsh as that is, Nadine can give it right back which leads to some pretty funny and emotional moments between the two of them. In classic Naughty Dog fashion, you will learn to understand more between these unlikely pairs and you will see what really drives them. 

The main villain in this game is your typical, run of the mill, rich guy who has a paramitary backing him up and a need for the same treasure. This has always been the lacking aspect of the Uncharted series in my oppinon. It always seems strange that these extremely wealthy people that have untold resources cannot find cities that are in the middle of lush forests, let alone find correct maps that Nathan Drake or Chloe just seem to stumble upon. 

Even the main villains motives are pretty weak and often just boil down to a five year old saying, “BECAUSE I WANT IT!” 

It seemed that Naughty Dog is attempting to venture into the “open world” game and this is their test. 

Around the mid point of the game, you will be dropped into a wide open area of India. You have a map, a 4×4, and a couple of waypoints to hit. Whatever and where ever you go is up to you and you see what this game could be. Personally, I like the Michael Bay esque style of linear story telling that the Uncharted series has done so far. I’m not too sure how impactful an open world Uncharted can be seeing as the set story is what drives it and open world games are designed for the players to create most of the story for themselves. 

The piece of the game that is open world felt pretty fun, but lacked real decision making or activites that you can do. The first thing that the game will direct you towards is a giant tower that overlooks the area, after climbing it, your map will show you the different outposts that you will need to explore in order to activate mechanisms that will allow you to progress through the rest of the story. The open area took me about three hours to fully explore and collect all the items. It was interesting to be able to drive on my own, but I felt as though it was just lacking and really wished that they would just stick with the story driven linear progression. 


Lost Legacy almost feels like a mod of Uncharted 4 where you play as Chloe rather than Nathan. The ways in which Chloe shoots, rolls, climbs, and even walks are very Nathan-ish. I found myself chuckling when I was prompted to use the rope/Indiana whip. I could not see a conceivable place where she could have had a whip and it seemed like the creators just really wanted her to swing on a rope like Nathan. 

The combat is pulled directly from Uncharted 4. You will stumble upon enemy controlled areas and it’s your job to subdue them. Once again you have the option to either sneak around and choak them all out, or you can go in guns blazing and take your chances. 

The sneaking aspect was surprisingly easy and getting spotted wasn’t much of a punishment. If someone saw me, I could just run away and hide out of their line of sight. After a minute of hiding, they would go back to doing whatever and completely forget about their dead friends. 

You also have the ability to tag enemies in the battle field. This gives you a tactical advantage as you plan your movements and lean their patterns. 

If you decide to go for the gun running approach, things can get a little more complicated. The AI while in a gun fight are pretty ruthless and they will attempt to flake you at every turn. One of the key ways to survive a gun battle is to constantly move from position to position. 

Gun combat is where Nadien shines. She is extremely powerful and will often put herself in the middle of the battle, taking out a few people on her own. It’s nice to finally have a reliable teammate who isn’t there just to be a decoy. 

The puzzle solving and rock climbing are all here. The rock climbing is as basic as before and would ultimately involve me just pointing my joy stick in a direction and pressing X. I never felt a sense of impending danger during the climbing sequences and would often fail due to gameplay error or camera issues. Though these issues happened very rarely. 

There were a couple of really interesting puzzles that would take me a while to figure out. Often these puzzles would be set in really beautiful areas, so failing at them wasn’t too bad as it gave me more time to soak in the scenery. 


This game is gorgeous. That’s really all that can be said. Even though the game is centered primarily in one location, the amount of time and energy that went into the visuals of India really makes you believe that the developers wanted to make a well worth product. 

The frame rate was smooth throughout the game and I never noticed a dip even when the action became overly intense. 

If you have a PS4 pro, I highly recommend playing this on a 4k tv with HDR support. You will not be disappointed.

Final Thoughts:

Being a fan of Uncharted for so long, I could never imagine a game without Nathan Drake. I still cannot see it, but Lost Legacy shows me that Naughty Dog is trying. Personally, I felt like Nathan Drake could have had a lot more adventures. Retiring him would not have been my first choice, but then again, I didn’t create him so who am I to judge?

The relationship that is built between Chloe and Nadine feels real and not rushed. It doesn’t feel like a buddy comedy where two unlikely people go into a business together; it’s more like two people with similar goals coming together to make some money. 

I don’t think that the Uncharted series can continue with Chloe, but I do like the idea of exploring some of the other characters stories and making you understand how they tick and what their motivations are. 

If you are a fan of Uncharted and want to scratch that itch that was left at the end of Uncharted 4, then I recommend picking this up and having some fun. 

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  1. I’ve been playing this game lately. Seems great so far. I didn’t exactly like Nadine in Uncharted 4, but I have to admit she’s more interesting as an ally. I really liked the optional token hunt; I wish there was something like than in the previous games. Having a treasure detection item would’ve helped too.

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