As of today, Aaryn Flynn will no longer be the general manager of Bioware and will actually be leaving the company completely. 

In a blog post written by Flynn on the official Bioware website, Flynn talks about wanting to move on and try new things. He says he has been thinking about this change for awhile and would like to branch out into new technologies. He was actually excited to hear that the former general manager, Casey Hudson, was up to the task of taking over Bioware. 

This exodus comes just four months after the failure of thier flag ship series Mass Effect came out and it leads to speculation as to the true reason Flynn is stepping down. All we can do is take his words at face value and believe him when he says that he is leaving because of his personal reasons. However, you can see how all the pieces line up. Bioware’s main series suffers a huge set back after it’s latest series is released with game breaking bugs and glitches along with lackluster reviews. The game was so negatively received that Bioware has decided to no longer invest all of its time and resources in the game. They announced that Andromeda will not have any single player DLCs and that they will be taking some time off from the series. This has obviously given Bioware a black eye and could be speculated that this lead to Flynns departure. 

But, there is still hope. 

Although Flynn will be missed, Hudson reclaiming the throne is not a bad thing for Bioware at all. 

Casey Hudson worked with Bioware for nearly 16 years before leaving in 2014. Hudson originally left to work on Microsoft Hololens which he said was a way to “broaden his horizons and try new technologies.” 

Hudson was the general manager during Bioware’s meteoric rise and he was the lead developer on many of Bioware’s top selling projects like; The Mass Effect trilogy, Jade Empire, and of course Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic. 

Fans have been eagerly anticipating a sequel to Knights of The Old Republic for some time and Hudson becoming the general manager might bring us one step closer. 

Bioware is partnered with EA and EA has gaming rights to Star Wars. If they can work a deal with Disney in order to make a proper sequel, Bioware could very well get a cold steak for that black eye and we can start the healing process. This might be tricky since Knights is not cannon to the original Star Wars story and Disney as been pretty reluctant to let people pervert the story. However, if anyone can get them on board, I think Bioware and EA can. 


  1. I heard about this. It’s going to be a bumpy year for BioWare, I think, especially if Anthem is not the most amazing game they’ve ever produced. It’s already gaining ire as being the “reason” Andromeda tanked in development, so the pissed-off Mass Effect fans (i.e., BioWare’s core fans) are not waiting with open arms, it seems.

    I’d love to see BioWare return to some of its roots; I’m a huge fan, but watching them misstep, either by their own mistakes or due to EA’s demands, has been very hard. I hope it doesn’t get worse before it gets better.


    • I agree. They really need to come out swinging with Anthem in order to start rebuilding. It’s unfortunate that one bad game can give them a black eye. I have loved all of the games they have made, and all it took was one bad Mass Effect game to send them to the edge. It’s a brutal industry.

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