Arms is the kind of motion controlled boxing game that I can get behind. The fast pace combat, mixed with a pretty easy learning curve, makes this experience fun for anyone who would like to play a game that is challenging and enjoyable all at the same time.

Growing up, I would have preferred exploring a dungeon or controlling the most stars rather than playing a sports game. That being said, I have always had the random desires to try a new fighting game, or when I am truly desperate, play Madden or NCAA. I found enjoyment out of playing Fight Night with some friends and having a truly mind blowing experience when they decided to put the control in the player’s hands. By allowing you to control the left hand with the left stick, and the right hand with the right stick, I truly felt like this was the type of boxing game that I could sink some hours into trying to master. Needless to say, I ended up putting it down after getting beaten over and over again by people that were much more committed than I was.

Arms take on boxing relies on you using the joy-con controllers and placing them in each of your hands. Flicking your wrist or actually punching out your arm will allow you to punch out your arm in the game in an attempt to lower your opponents HP and ultimately knock out your opponent. The game has a variety of fighters for you to choose from including a Mummy, a Robot Cop and his dog, a Ninja, and a girl that found it was a good idea to place boxing gloves in her hair and destroy your life with it. Arms offers the standard single player mode which is set up in a battle tree system. You will fight ten opponents in a brawling mode, or in various mini games that will test your speed and punching accuracy. You can choose to increase the difficulty in the single player mode which gives you the chance to really hone your skills before making your way to the multiplayer section of the game.

The multiplayer is where Arms truly shines. In the Party mode, you are placed in a virtual environment where you will see multiple players all waiting for their next battle. It’s at this point players can warm up by punching different targets, or they can rest up and get ready. I was surprised how quickly the matches would get set up and was happy to see the different modes that you were randomly placed into. For those that have truly mastered the game and would like to challenge others for a more personal battle; Arms offers Ranked matches that can only be unlocked once you have completed the single player mode on level four difficultly. This isn’t much of a challenge, but it will get you prepared for people that have nothing better to do then play the heck out of this game.

Win or lose, you will be granted points for each match you play, whether it is single player mode or Multiplayer. Earning thirty of these points will give you the chance to gain some new gloves that will have different strengths and weaknesses. This gives the player a chance to make his or her fighter stand out from the rest of the pack and gives you the humbling experience of getting beaten by someone with some pretty powerful equipment.

Like most people who are thinking about buying this game, I am sure that it is for the same reason that I did. There are very few games that are worth playing on the Switch. We have been given this amazing Zelda playing machine, and we are looking for something that we can play until it turns into a Mario playing machine. All in all, I have enjoyed what I have played of Arms and will enjoy attempting to get better and better at it.

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